Balloons 101: Introduction to balloon basics

Balloons 101: Introduction to balloon basics

Balloons 101: Introduction to balloon basics

Welcome to the world of balloons!

Balloons sold on our website are brand new uninflated. These balloons require some work with your hands which can be fun, creative, while bringing a great sense of achievement at the end of the day.

Introduction to balloon types

There are two most popular types of balloons in terms of the materials they are made of: latex and foil. Latex balloons feel like rubber, they are stretchy and will increase in size once they are inflated. Foil balloons on the other hand is non-elastic, and their size decrease as they are inflated (as they becomes rounder and increase in volume).

What to fill with the balloons?

The balloons can be filled with regular air or with helium gas, an inert gas that is lighter than air so that it is able to make the balloon fly on its own. I bet you have seen it at some party before!

The thing with Helium  

If you have a bunch of balloons (say over 20 pcs of 11" latex balloons) to be filled with helium, we suggest a portable helium tank to use at home. Look at places like party supply stores or Walmart. For just a couple of balloons, you could bring them to a local party/balloon store and fill there. Make sure to check if helium service is available before you go.  

Aside from its well-known use on parties, helium is also crucial in industrial and medical uses due to its special properties. Despite the abundance of helium in the universe, 97% of helium gas is produced during the process of natural gas or liquefying natural gas. Currently there is a global helium shortage crisis going on that makes helium supply both inconsistent and expensive. 

The thing with Air 

On the other hand, using air is an economical alternative to helium that is also environmental friendly. (Tons of flying balloons are released into the sky every year, burst into pieces and cost lives of wild animals after consumption.) While planning for a party/event, maybe consider using more of regular air than helium. We will introduce many tricks later on with air-filled balloon decoration. You party will look as stunning, we promise. 


Tools used to pump air into balloons 

1. Handheld balloon inflator 

A handheld air pump is the most economical choice when it comes to pump balloons. CLICK to buy. It is lightweight, easily accessible and quite straightforward to operate. However, it is not a greatest choice if you need to pump a lot of balloons due to its limited volume of air per pump. Best used for: small project  

 2. Electric balloon inflator 

In the situation where you need to pump a lot of balloons, say you are making a balloon garland that requires 50-100 latex balloons, a portable electric balloon pump is strongly recommended. CLICK to buy it here. A typical electric pump pumps about 300L of air per minute, which will save you tons of time comparing to the handheld inflator.