Foil Balloon 101 - Finding the valve

Foil Balloon 101 - Finding the valve

Foil Balloon 101 - Finding the valve

If you are inflating a foil balloon for the first time, it may be hard to find the valve, i.e. opening of the inflation tube. Though the valves may look different, the theory and structure behind it are all the same. 

  • Balloon is what we see on the outside, having different shapes and prints.
  • The inflation tube is how we get the air or helium inside it. The opening of the tube is known as the valve.
  • The glue inside the tube is what make the balloon self sealing.
  • The edge of the balloon is thermal sealed, including the area between the outside of the tube and the balloon. (You definitely don't want to insert your straw in there! You will break the seal!) 

With above said, now let's take a look at the different looks of the valves. Some inflation tubes are colored, e.g. orange, blue, red, green. Hence you will see a little colored tab right at the opening. Some openings are also labelled as "valve" which is great and easy to find.

Some however are clear and not labelled, which is a little more difficult to distinguish, but now you know to insert your straw inside the inflation tube and not the seal between the tube and the balloon! 

We hope this helps in understanding how foil balloons work, and how to inflate one. Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions you may have!

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