Frequently Asked Questions

Do the balloons arrive inflated? 

All of our balloons are sent out not inflated and flat in the package. You will need to fill them with air or with helium if you want them to float. Please see our "Balloons 101" series of blog post for more details around balloons.

Can I set the balloons in a different way from yours?

Absolutely you can. Our product image is for demonstration only. We also don't use helium in our demo to make it more accessible for most people. You can use your wild imagination while decorating these balloons. Don't forget to use hashtag #showlovedbyalice to showcase your "art piece".

Can I reuse my foil balloons? 

It is possible to reuse the foil balloons by inserting a straw into the self sealing valve deep enough to let out the air. However we could not guarantee it will work every time because the material is quite delicate and can be easily damaged during the deflation process.

How can I make confetti stick to the insides of the balloon?

When confetti balloon is filled with air, create some static by rubbing it against hair or rug/clothes, and the confetti will beautifully stick to the sides of the balloon. However, if the balloon is filled with purely helium, confetti may pool mostly on the bottom rather than sticking to the inside walls. To solve this, you can fill 10% of air first and then the rest with helium.

What do I expect after placing my order?

Once your order is placed, an order confirmation will be sent to you via email or text message. As soon as your package has left our facility, you will receive another notification. For further questions, please contact us through our submission form.

What about shipping & transit time?

All our orders are shipped from Mississauga Ontario and are fulfilled via Canada Post with mainly two types of services: standard shipping and expedited shipping. For transit time, please refer to:

What is the currency and payment methods on your website?

All our prices are listed in Canadian dollars. We accept all major credit cards, Google Pay, and PayPal payments.

Is my payment with your website secured?

Our website is built and hosted by Shopify, and all our payments are processed securely by Shopify Payments. Our company will NOT have any access to your personal and/or credit card information.